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*Exclusive, enhanced support grid increases firmness in critical areas.

*Open spring design provides progressive resistance as weight is applied, improving support where body weight is centered.

*Zoned coil configuration allows for the density of coils to vary across the sleep surface in order to offer tailored support to every part of your body.

Therapedic Mattresses

*Our EcoGel® collection is made using a pre-polymer that is added and ‘swirled’ into the foam compound as it is made, giving the product better adherence to the foam and resulting in greater gel coverage which keeps you cool and comfortable while offering contouring and pressure relief.

*The open cell design of the gel-memory foam supports air and moisture movement while improving blood flow and oxygen exposure to skin cells. This technology allows for 30% better heat conductivity than any other foam product on the market.

*Research shows the foam in the EcoGel® mattresses improves pressure point relief and increases body support by up to 40%. The combination of the DynaFlow® Cooling Fabric, our exclusive air permeable fabric (designed to increase both the breathability and cooling effect) and the swirl gel-memory foam, allows the EcoGel® beds to sleep cooler than traditional foam.

Leggett & Platt brings you the science of comfort

Active Support Technology® is the science behind innerspring mattresses. When you purchase an innerspring mattress, you gain all the advantages of Active Support Technology®.

Advantages of Active Support Technology

Allows your muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position. The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively as you dream on.

Refreshing Air Circulation

An innerspring mattress is constantly refreshed by the air passing through it. The open structure prevents heat buildup in the sleep set. Innerspring mattresses sleep 28% cooler than foam*.

Why is purchasing the right mattress so important?

A mattress is a key factor in determining the quality of your sleep. Sleep can affect your weight, your health, and your work. Want to learn more about sleep? Visit our sleep site

Give your mattresses the advantage of VertiCoil®.

Therapedic mattresses feature advanced technologies that offer exceptional support, comfort and durability. This focus on innovation has not gone unnoticed; Therapedic has been awarded numerous patents, both here and abroad, for the leading-edge mattress components we’ve developed over the last fifty years. We invite you to compare the features and benefits of our mattresses with those of any leading brand. We're certain that you’ll see what our customers have known for a long time; that a Therapedic Mattress offers a superior night's sleep and a better value.